double shadow

Sharon Norwood and I met  as artists in residence at the Vermont Studio Center. I stopped in to see her in Savannah on my way home and to check out her under renovation space called Park Avenue Studio. I loved the layers of time showing through on the walls in the peeling paint, plaster and wallpaper and wanted to show some of my new works made at VSC in her space at this in between moment in time in the building before becoming a perfect white gallery space. Sharon and I just blasted off with it and put on an exhibition immediately.  I just love the way my new cyanotypes and the space collided and held one another. The colors, the corners, the weeds, the curtains, the compost, the lace….

Thank you to all those who came to the opening, we had such awesome conversations about photography. Thank you Sharon and I just can’t wait to see what happens next at Park Avenue Studios, Savannah, GA.  !!!!!

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